The Great Sage of the Other World

Lin Sang is not a fool which also can not see her mind Just refining magic props will inevitably make some defective products Lin Sang is not very concerned about those anyway there is no recycling value and there is no business mind of him not lack of research funds is absolutely not thought of can also be used for money Therefore they have nothing to do with the cheap blue moon not to mention that they can also collect some materials from them of course euphemistically called the cost Therefore although from time to time by the blue moon Fox and others pick up junk but Lin Sang has never been specially for them to build equipment first not that time and second the relationship has not reached that point although there was a life-saving grace also once went to Lin Sang home adventure but in fact Lin Sang and their contacts are not deep it is a common friend However after the moon incident Lin Sang had a better understanding of the blue moon this mercenary girl like a boy unexpectedly also has that side It Agriculture really makes Lin Sang not curious And with the deepening of understanding his affection for the blue moon is also deepening this girl in fact in some ways or some Cute Don't look at me like that Lin Sang was tingled by the blue moon and his eyes were sincere as if he had committed a heinous crime if he refused The blue moon does not speak If you have something to say how can I know what you want if you don't Blue Moon still doesn't speak Well I'm afraid of you! Lin Sang said helplessly "old rules cost price" "But I spent a lot of money on the task some time ago" Blue Moon said a little sheepishly ……” Do the task to spend money mercenary soldiers to do this is also a great spectacle! No wonder Blue Moon has become a B-level mercenary at a young age This upgrade speed is not as fast as taking a rocket and catching up with F1 At the worst I'll help you for a month at most Blue Moon did not say Lin Sang almost forgot to bet with her that thing but since Blue Moon took the initiative to put forward it Lin Sang secretly proud it seems that the blue moon has not realized the end of playing for Lin Sang ah think of Scott at the beginning "What's the matter" Scott who stayed in the grassland elf camp shivered without warning "The wind in the plain of the wind is really a little strong" It's so boring Why didn't anyone attack us I remember being attacked several times before The active Blue Moon once again expressed her dissatisfaction with the monotonous journey It is indeed a bit strange the front of a few people should not be all the way but it seems to be directed at Lin Sang it seems that our genius alchemist charm is not shallow ah! Said Grace An innocent man is guilty of a crime! Lin Sang still understands this basic truth China Factory but although Lin Sang has always been at peace with the world but a good temper does not mean that there is no temper! Lin Sang does not like to meddle in other people's affairs but if others come to him Lin Sang is not bullied by others! Grace's previous challenge is a prime example Could it be the same gang of thieves that attacked the elves of the prairie last time Blue Moon thought that Scott would stay there to help because the elf children had not been found yet Probably not the two gangs have different styles and the thieves are obviously premeditated for a long time and the attack on us should be rushed otherwise we will not be able to get away easily Grace is of noble birth and has a good way of analyzing situations The other side started after we left Tiandu that is to say it is very likely that someone in Tiandu wanted to hit Lin Sang That makes sense! But who is it Blue Moon tilted her head and thought for a long time but still had no clue Forget it soldiers will block water to earth cover Why do you think so much Lin Sang smiled and waved his hand No need to guess just ask Said Grace "It seems to be coming again" All three of them noticed that on the hill less than a hundred meters ahead a big man with red hair stood proudly a super-large bloody two-handed sword on his shoulder at will and a bright red cloak fluttering in the wind behind him Unspeakably cool If you wear your underwear outside again and then throw away the big iron bar of at least a hundred pounds it will be even more like Lin Sang couldn't help thinking The more I look at it the more I feel like it Had it not been for the obvious hostility of the other side Lin Sang could not help but want to go up and chat up Looks like we're in trouble this time! To see the man's costume and appearance clearly the blue Food & Beverage moon could not help but gasp Trouble How much trouble Lin Sang asked foolishly it's not genuine is it so terrible "That man is very strong!" Although Grace is not a swordsman he can still clearly feel the oppressive momentum of the other side If I'm not mistaken he should be the'mad swordsman 'Tali! Blue Moon said coldly The little girl has some sense The big red-haired man Tali laughed and pointed at Grace and said "This alchemist is coming with me I'm in a good mood today The others can get out!" "Who is that This man is just a little magician I am the alchemist admired by millions of people!" Lin Sang couldn't help saying ……” The tower was stunned and continued to laugh "So I made a mistake For the sake of your honesty come with me and I won't tie you up" If you say I'll go with you I'll go Then wouldn't I lose face Lin Sang did not care about the blue moon's repeated winks thinking that I was not even afraid of the genuine but also afraid of you a pirate "So you're forcing me to get rough" Tali's face sank Just as the Blue Moon was about to speak Lin Sang said first "Just come Who's afraid of who" You don't pull me this boy is too arrogant I must teach him the truth of life! "But we can't beat him" Blue Moon said in a low voice How do you know if you haven't played Fight even if you can't! Fear of death is not the party! Lin Sang an ignorant man without fear said with a sense of justice Chapter 44 thousands of miles to kill